About the suite

Suitable for a couple + 2 children + baby

The suite includes

Welcome to the stunning Suite No. 2, located in the center of the magnificent old city of Safed.

The suite is a perfect choice for couples or families who want to experience the magic and luxury of the holy city.

The suite is approximately 70 square meters in size and offers all the services you will need for a perfect vacation. As you step into the suite, you will find:

• A private and spacious master bedroom that includes a shower and private toilet, with a view of the Meron mountains.

• A charming children’s room that perfectly suits many families. The room includes a youth bed that opens into two beds and a separate baby bed for the smallest member of the family.

• A precisely equipped kitchen, including a Nespresso machine, a Shabbat hotplate, a water heater, and electric burners.

• Air conditioning is installed in every room to ensure maximum comfort for guests at all times.

• Hot water is available 24 hours a day, allowing you to enjoy a pampering shower at any moment. (Of course, it can be turned off on Shabbat)

• A beautiful private yard of 80 square meters, with a lemon tree and ancient rose bushes, providing an atmosphere of holiness and tranquility, and a terrace overlooking Mount Meron.


Parents room

Children's room and bathroom

Kitchen, living room and dining area

Private balcony

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